FalconBrick solution implemented at India’s largest Industrial Park & Warehouse Developer

FalconBrick solution implemented at India’s largest Industrial Park & Warehouse Developer.


138 Acre Industrial & Logistics Park, being built by India’s largest warehousing player. Involves a PMC as well as numerous vendors / contractors on ground


  • Tight Schedules for project completion and Quality Audits
  • Coordination issues, due to multiple teams being involved in execution (18 different entities – 4 teams from Indospace, PMC team, and ~13 different contractors)
  • Scope varies dynamically based on Tenant requirements (TIW)
  • Handover to tenants split non-sequentially over the duration of the project; thus making it challenging to monitor progress & quality

Project Coverage 

Huge scope – 8 Warehousing units (WUs), 9 Industrial units (IUs), 20 ancillary buildings, 1 Commercial complex, 5 km of road, as well as infra components

Solution Deployed & Key deliverables to client 

  • All 3 FalconBrick modules deployed (progress monitoring, Quality, contractor performance)
  • 6 different use cases covered, as part of the implementation
    • Execution Progress Monitoring
    • In-process Quality Control
    • Audits (Quality & Safety)
    • Testing & Commissioning
    • 3-stage, Pre-handover Snagging & De-snagging by FM team (Handover from Site to HO, HO to FM team, FM team to end client) 
    • Document Tracking throughout the project
  • To effectively achieve the above, customized maker-checker & checker-fixer workflows were implemented, for the following 7 key work categories – Architectural, Structural, MEP, Finishing, PHE, Infra, Landscaping / Hardscaping
  • Over 300 checklists and 50 users integrated into the system

How FalconBrick helped

  • One-click progress monitoring
    • Single version of truth across projects
    • Real-time data collated from site
    • No more daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Productivity boost
    • Seamless coordination between 18+ teams
    • Quality inspections made easy & completely paperless
  • Enhanced Quality monitoring & Improvement
    • Robust quality system in place, with Maker-Checker & Checker-Fixer workflows
    • Checkers have sole responsibility to approve Activity completions
    • Quality analytics has helped to determine root-cause of defects, early on itself
    • Project quality / health can now be benchmarked across Indospace projects
  • Powerful Contractor Management
    • Respective contractors are now accountable for quality of work executed by them
    • Contractor benchmarking to analyze performance across trades
    • Contractor bill verification done basis the system’s analytics
  • Indospace senior leadership is now using the FalconBrick system to regularly monitor the project health
FalconBrick solution implemented at India’s largest Industrial Park & Warehouse Developer