What is FalconBrick Technologies?

FalconBrick Technologies is construction management software
which helps builders & developers digitize & automate their
end to end construction projects.


Is FalconBrick an ERP? If not, how is it different ?

FalconBrick has a broad coverage of various aspects of construction – Execution, Planning & Monitoring.
It also includes holistic Quality management & contractor performance management. Thus it’s different
from ERPs, which focus mainly on transactional activities such as PR / PO, billing, etc


Who are your clients?

Our clientele includes some of the largest & leading names in the Indian construction & real-estate industry,
such as Prestige Group, Embassy group, L&T, MyHome Constructions, Aparna Constructions, JLL, Brigade Group,
K Raheja, Nagarjuna Constructions, Runwal Developers, PS Group, Srijan Realty, TVS Emerald, etc.


How many cities are you present in?

We are currently present in ~ 10 cities (including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata,
Chennai and some Tier 2 / Tier 3 cities as well). Our Customer Success (CS) representatives provide support
to our projects across all these cities.


Who all can use and benefit from the FalconBrick product ?

Anyone building any construction project of any size can use this product. Currently, developers & builders,
construction firms, contractors & PMCs are all using FalconBrick to digitize & streamline their projects


How does the product work?

The product has 2 components – 1) Easy-to-use mobile app that guides site staff in their daily, project execution
activities, 2) Web based live project monitoring system for Senior management and 3) Powerful Business Intelligence
& Data Analytics for your projects. Through these components, the product brings Site staff and HO onto the same
platform and ensures that the projects stays on track at all times


Can the product be customized to our requirements?

The product is completely configurable to suit the specific needs of your site. The process flow, workflows,
system configuration & setup, quality checklists, etc can be made very specific to your site. Our Customer
Success team will help you with this, at the beginning of the implementation itself.


What kind of customer support does FalconBrick provide?

We have dedicated Customer Success teams, which act as your friend and guide, and handhold you/every single
user throughout the project duration.

We configure the solution, train your users and deploy it live at your site – all in quick time.


How do you charge for the product ?

This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product and comes at very reasonable prices. We charge subscription fees on a
“pay as you use” (per project) basis, and provide unlimited user logins ! The actual price for you would depend on the
size / scale of the project


What all segments does FalconBrick cater to?

We cater to all major segments of real-estate & construction – Residential, commercial, hospitality (hotels),
retail (malls), warehousing and interiors / fit-out projects.


At what stage of the project can I use and get benefit from this product

You can use this product at ANY stage of your project – whether it is just starting (excavation), or in the middle
(superstructures stage, Finishing / MEP stage), or final handover stage. We have different modules to cater to each of
these stages.


What are the minimum and maximum project sizes that Falconbrick can handle?

Our product can be implemented on construction projects irrespective of their size.


Can the FalconBrick app be downloaded from Playstore?

Yes, you can download our mobile app from the playstore. However you can start using the app only after you have
received your unique ID & password from our team.

Does FalconBrick have an in-house product development team?

Yes, we have a strong, in-house team of software product engineers, leading the product development at our Head office
in Bangalore. This team cuts across all product aspects – Design, Front end development, backend development, product
architecture, devops & testing


Can the FalconBrick app work in areas with low internet connectivity ?

Yes. We have especially designed our product to work in poor internet connectivity zones as well, because this is a
very common scenario at construction sites. We have invested in special, proprietary technology to achieve seamless
synchronization, even in low internet zones.


Can users upload site photos to indicate progress ?

Yes. Our in-app camera helps you take live photos, while indicating live progress on the app, and also while raising
snags. Each picture is automatically timestamped, with the exact date / time it was captured. Also, you can indicate
any specific area of concern, by marking it up on the photo itself. This ensures quick corrective action to resolve


Does FalconBrick support contractor billing processes?

Yes. Contractor bills can be verified using the system. Since the system captures activity-wise data on actual work
completed, this data can be used by site engineers / Quantity surveyors to verify Contractor bills and make decisions
on contactor payments.


How much time does it take to implement the solution?

Our dedicated customer success team ensures TAT for implementation is nothing
more than 2 – 3 weeks post relevant data shared with our team.


Is there any limit for the number of user logins?

No limit, our product allows unlimited number of users.


Can you help us with checklists?

Yes, we have developed a robust repository of detailed, activity-wise checklists.
You could use these to create a set of checklists / checkpoints best suited for your project.


What kind of reporting do you provide?

We provide a full array of visual Business Intelligence reports on Real-time project status / progress, Quality
performance, Contractor performance, etc. These are available to Project Heads, Project managers & Senior
management . These dashboards helps you remotely monitor your entire project real-time, and take data
driven decisions on quality, project health, contractor performance, and multiple other such parameters.


How safe is my data with FalconBrick?

Security of our customer’s data is top priority for us

  • Our service is hosted on the world’s leading cloud service providers (Amazon AWS / MS Azure), with the
    highest level of data encryption & security. Completely secure partitioning methodologies are used for
    customer data on cloud
  • Also, there will be access based controls for viewing data, even within a client. Hence, individual users
    only have access to data that is pertinent to them, and this access is as per instructions by client’s senior

Thus, we have taken measures to ensure maximum data security.