Hassle Free & Smooth Handovers are now a reality!

Does your team:


Struggle to resolve customer snag points ? 

Face disputes with customers on handover quality ? 

FalconBrick helps avoid such communication gaps 

We digitize your complete handover process

  • Use the app to easily capture, rectify & resolve customer snags

  • Projects, Handover & CRM teams collaborate in real-time

Superior experience for your customer

  • Get customized, system generated hand-over certificates for you and your team

  • Documented evidence of snag-free handover

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Capture & resolve snags raised by customers.

Step 2

When a unit is handover-ready, our system auto-generates a “hand-over certificate” for the unit.

Step 3

You and your customer agree on the status of handover and sign the certificate. 

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