Transform your construction with Digital Pour Cards

 FalconBrick brings you an effective way to execute and record concrete pour progress at site

Get digital checklists with FalconBrick mobile app & access them from anywhere

Our digital checklist solution is tailored to address your site’s specific challenges

Customized checklists:

Made exactly as per your site requirements.

Live site photos:

Raise snags with live photo attachments, with time stamps.

Track NCRs:

Raise, monitor & resolve NCRs. Track corrective & preventive actions (CAPA).

In-House Checklists:

In case you don’t have your own checklists, we have our repository for 100+ construction activities.

Automated Checklist Reports:

Get inspection outputs as an automated checklist report on our portal.

Works in offline mode:

The app allows you to complete checklists offline and the data will auto-sync once connection is reestablished.

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