A product that automates coordination between your site staff & multiple contractors

Coordination is critical

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For contractors to know exactly what work needs to be done

To have the relevant materials available on time

Group 445

To complete the allocated work with good quality

FalconBrick streamlines this collaboration for you through a simple mobile app

Here’s How it works


  • Contractors can view their daily allocated work on agenda screens and simple To do lists.

  • They can update work progress & raise Request for Inspection (RFIs) via the app.


  • Site staff get an auto-alert and can respond to the RFI, do inspections and raise issues on the contractor along with live photos.


  • Issues get auto-routed to the contractor’s mobile app. Example: civil issues to civil contractors, MEP issues to MEP contractors.

  • Contractor rectifies the issues and updates status to site engineers. This closes the loop on coordination.

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